It's a dog's life.....

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Minion Grace took me for a jog last night. She's very unfit because it wasn't really that much of a jog. More like an intermittent jog/walk. I think I had better bring her back to the Minion factory to get her fixed or replaced with a better model that can keep up with my running. I especially liked it when we got up to speed and I could splash through the deep puddles.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Puppy that Cooks

I am so tall now that I can grab things quite easily off the kitchen worktops (if they are nearish the edge though). This morning apart from the usual inventory of chewable things in the kitchen (oven gloves, tea towels, toys I've left lying around, etc) I noticed something sticking out over the edge of the counter. It was a wooden spatula and it smelt like what the Minions had for dinner last night (tacos, if my smell and taste buds serve me right). It was very tasty even though there wasn't much food left on it. I brought it upstairs and chewed the edges off it. Minion Grace was not impressed when she saw the splinters everywhere.

I killed my mini rugby ball too. It was only about a week old but I loved it none the less. At first there was only a little tear at the seam, so I tried to sew it back together by using my teeth to punch some holes in it. The more I tried to fix it, the more it fell apart. I decided that I would need to get some of the stuffing out of it, so that the material would be looser to work with. However the whole lot fell out and I couldn't stuff if back in. Note to self: if it's broke don't try to fix it. Note 2 to self: Empty balls don't roll or bounce!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Skype Puppy

The Minions have signed up to Skype so now I can talk to my friends on the phone. Tonight I spoke to my cousin Dyslexia in Australia (we're not actually related in terms of species, but Dyslexia belongs to Minion Grace's brother). I squeaked and howled a bit, and I think Dyslexia mewed and purred a bit. He/She/It sounded a bit angry though. I think it's Minion was biting it to make it speak, or maybe because it was very early in the morning there.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Broken Frisbees

It's been snowing again and I cannot play with my friendies in the pond as it has iced over. The Minions found me some new frisbees. They appeared overnight in the buckets by the shed. Especially good seeing as Minion John threw the last frisbee (the one I got free from the vets) over the fence last week - grr! So they threw the new frisbee for me to chase, but when it landed it broke, and also it was very cold and slippery. I tried to pick the big bits up and return them to the Minions to throw again but by the time I got back to the Minions, the bit of frisbee had disappeared. V confused.

Minion John bought me a new orange frisbee from Tescos afterwards as penance for being mean and taunting me with trick ice frisbees.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

Minion Grace had a bubble bath today (she needed it - so smelly). I went into the bathroom and saw that there was something white and frothy that looked tasty so I stood against the edge of the bath and ate it. Mmm it was tasty but there wasn't much texture and it kept disappearing too quickly. Minion Grace was unimpressed to find me eating her bubbles - not my fault that they don't have locks on the doors or proper catches!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Call the RSPCA

It's Valentines Day today. Not only do I not have a special friend but my Minions ABANDONED me all day.

They left for work and then when the sun went down they didn't come back. They ALWAYS come back and play in the garden with me. Dinner time came and went. Where was my dinner. A beautiful pup like me needs her dinner. I was so hungry I had to chew some pencils I found on the floor. Bed time came and went too so I put myself to bed and caught some zzz. I was worried that maybe the Minions might not come back at all.

Eventually the Minions returned at 11:30!!! How inconsiderate, leaving me by myself and then when I finally got to sleep waking me up to play. They gave me more food and I got to sleep upstairs on their bed.

[update: i wondered why they had given me 2 breakfasts this morning. Note to self - next time 2 breakfasts are laid down then I must run to the front door and stop the Minions from leaving.]

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy 1/2 Birthday To Me

It was my 1/2 Birthday today. Minions gave me some special doggy choc chip cookies (they were very big and especially good for hiding in shoes). We went for a walk and I found a new friend. I was happy just trotting along with this other dog. The Minions were whistling away trying to get me to come back to them...ha... like I'd show obediance to them in front of other dogs (would never live it down). After a while though the Minions were out of sight and I wasnt' sure whether to turn around or keep going. Eventually the Minions caught up and snared me back on the lead by promises of treats. Wasn't allowed off the lead again -humph.